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How to Plant and Grow Ampalaya (Bitter Gourd)

Like other vegetables, ampalaya is also a tried and proven high-quality and profitable vegetable when it comes to farming. Many farmers have improved their lives by farming vegetables and that includes ampalaya. So in this article, we will discuss what and how to plant ampalaya or ampalaya farming.

What is Ampalaya?

Ampalaya or bitter melon/bitter gourd in English is rich in calcium, minerals, carbohydrates, and Vitamin B. This vegetable is good for people with diabetes, based on scientific studies. It can be grown all over the Philippines. There are two types of ampalaya that can be grown: white and green. Currently, the green variety is the most commonly planted.

But how to properly plant ampalaya to be used in the ampalaya farming business?

The right way to plant and grow Ampalaya

To be successful in the planting business, it is important for the farmer to know the correct method of planting ampalaya. Ultimately, what your harvest will be of course depend on how you plant it. Here is the proper method of planting ampalaya.

Method of Planting. Plant four to five seeds on each hill five centimeters deep and 1 ½ to two meters apart in rows. After a few days, reduce the crop and leave only two to three healthy crops on each hill.

Once the ampalaya vines have grown and crawled, dig the soil around them by hand or plow with a carabao. Do this after a week. Plant 4-5 kilos of seed per hectare. Ampalaya can be harvested after 3-4 months.

More information

To reduce the damage of “melon fruit fly” follow the following:

  • Attractant-use an “attractant” (Que Lor) in (5) five bait areas per hectare.
  • “Bagging” – wrap the ampalaya fruit with paper

The best time to plant Ampalaya is during the summer season or starting the month of March and April. You can plant in February but make sure you have enough water for irrigation.

The “melon fruit fly” is the insect that causes serious damage to ampalaya. To eliminate and prevent its damage, use a solution “Foliafume-soap”. Its most common disease is wilt. Suppress by crop variation and keep the field clean.

Entering such a business requires diligence, perseverance, and determination. And if you fail the first try do not be discouraged. Just like any other business has its ups and downs, you just have to keep going to achieve success in agri-business.

Farmers can make a lot of money if the price per kilo is high when the supply is scarce.

I have seen some farmers who used to be poor in life, some of whom are only farming on lands that are not theirs. But they tried ampalaya farming, so they had a good life. One of those farmers is Mang Edgardo of Camarines Sur. Before he planted ampalaya in 1996, he said his family had almost nothing to eat. But now, he owns a vast orchard at the foot of Mount Isarog, the fruit of the ampalaya farming!

Ampalaya is a popular term that is also being used in English although it is called bitter gourd. It is called Amargoso or Margoso in hiligaynon/Ilonggo.

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