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Ginger Farming: Malaki ang Kitaan sa Pagtatanim ng Luya

Ginger is also one of the most important vegetables not only in our country but it is also known all over the world. Its nutrient content can cure various diseases, and of course, its use in our cooking is what attracted entrepreneurs to enter the business of ginger cultivation or ginger farming. But how to properly plant ginger? Is ginger farming also popular?

What is ginger and what nutrients it contains

Ginger is a type of plant rhizome or metamorphosed roots. In Ayurveda in India, it is one of the most important cures for many ailments. also in other ailments related to infection or proper germs in the body. There is red ginger, yellow ginger (turmeric), common ginger, and black ginger (cure for illness due to mere earth or malignant or paranormal).

The various parts of the ginger plant can absorb many types of chemicals and nutrients that provide benefits to our health. The ginger plant contains terpenoids, ᴀavonoids, alkaloids, and tannins. The root contains zingerone and shogaol which are giving a smell and taste to ginger. The oil from the root contains gingerol, zingerone, zingiberene, cineol, borneol, phellandrene, citral, zingiberene, linalool, geraniol, chavicol, vanillyl alcohol, and camphene.

Ginger farming is a profitable business

Because ginger has many benefits to people, especially when it comes to our health, it is good to make it a business. Did you know that ginger is a good defense against cancer? This is probably just one of the reasons why ginger can be sold in the market, so I can say that ginger cultivation or ginger farming is a popular business. Moreover, it does not require a large investment. But what is the right way to grow ginger? here are the following.

How to plant and grow ginger

  1. Choose a good type of ginger (rhizomes), must be healthy and not damaged. Cut into several pieces. Each piece of crop weighs about 20-50g and should have 2 or 3 eyes. Don’t sunbathe. Depending on the type of ginger, about 800 to 3,000 kg of seed will be needed per 1 hectare. For the required seed.
    Put the seed in a crate. Soak the crate in the fungicide solution for 15-30 minutes to prevent mold or rot the seed.
  2. To make a fungicide solution, dissolve 3–5 teaspoons Benlate W.P. Just carefully follow the correct manufacturer’s recommendation written on the label.
  3. After soaking, air the seeds in the shade for 3 days to dry well, before planting.
  4. Plow and sift the land to be planted. Make beds, 1 foot high and 1 meter wide at any length of the orchard.
  5. After planting, water the beds well or water the canals between the beds
  6. Cover the top of the beds, straw (rice straw), or coconut husks, to prevent weeds from growing and to keep the field moist.
  7. When the ginger sprouts appear between the mulch leaves, fertilize a second time to speed up the growth of the ginger.
  8. By the eighth month or earlier, depending on the ginger variety, the ginger leaves turn yellow, and it is time to harvest.
  9. Dig the field, use a spading fork to loosen the soil. Pull out the plants. Cut the leaf at the stem, also cut the stems and roots. Wash with water several times; do not leave any soil or dirt. Ventilate, but in a shady place, dry well and without mold or rot.

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